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What is this unlimited VoIP service?
This is a phone service that lets you make unlimited free calls to certain destinations abroad for a low monthly rent. Each account lets you make or receive one call at a time. Calls to other destinations are blocked to save costs.
Where do I get the WebPhone?
The WebPhone is available in your online console. No configuration or download is needed, just dial the number you want. It uses the opus/silk codec for premium sound quality and low bandwidth use. Its bitrate auto adjusts for the bandwidth available. It can be used on chrome browser on the Desktop or chrome on Android phones/tabs.
How do I setup a softphone?
We will email you instructions with your sip credentials. These credentials should be used to configure the softphone. We recommend zoiper. It works well and is free! We provide helpdesk support to setup zoiper softphone on your desktop & mobile. This does not apply to Warm Jack.
Can I use a hardware IP Phone?
Yes, you can use hardware IP Phones and ATA (analog telephony adaptors) with the service. However due to the wide variety available, we have limited ability to provide configuration support for hardware not supplied by us. Warm Jack service can only be used on hardware devices and software provided by us.


What is Rule Based CallerID?
The service lets you set a CallerID on outgoing calls to receive return calls from those you call. You can set a default callerID for all calls, which could be your Indian mobile or landline number in full international format (e.g.: +91 22 2555 1234). You can also use your online console to set rule based CallerID Settings. E.g. You could set a different CallerID for destinations beginning with 1212. When you then call a number beginning with +1212, the callerID will be as per this rule, rather than the default callerID. You can also choose "Existing" which allows you to set the callerID from your softphone/SIP device. You can have multiple such rules. You must set valid callerIDs in each.
Setting Rule Based CallerID
What is meant by multiple virtual numbers?
You can subscribe to multiple numbers (DIDs) from thousands of cities worldwide. These numbers can be used to set callerID. When someone calls these numbers, they are returned as SIP/VoIP incoming calls to you. Your online console allows you to choose the city for the number you want.
Subscribing to virtual numbers & call forwarding
What is call forwarding?
When your SIP phone is registered to our network, then calls to your virtual numbers are sent to your SIP phone as incoming calls. If however the SIP device is not registered, or your Internet connection is not functioning, or your SIP device is busy or unavailable, these calls are sent to any phone you set in the "Forwarding number" section in the screenshot above. This can be your Indian mobile phone or Landline. The calls to these are received as normal ISD calls from abroad. This feature is available in only some plans.
What is Line hunting?
When your SIP device is not available to take calls, incoming calls can be forwarded to other SIP accounts. You can chain multiple such accounts to create a hunting group, in which each account is tried in turn. The first available SIP device is sent the call.
What is Ivr and call routing?
Incoming calls can be played a message and sent to an IVR for advanced call routing based on the caller input. The helpdesk can help you setup your voice response system.
How does the voice mail service work?
If no forwarding is set and your SIP device is not available to take calls, incoming calls can be sent to voicemail. Recordings are sent as attachments by email to you.
What is the Real Time on-line console?
The real time console gives you near realtime reports on your calling and usage. It also lets you self configure your account as will be clear from the screenshots below.
Generating Real time reports of usage and transactions
SIP Account Self Management tools for maximum compatibility


What is a Master Account?
You can combine multiple accounts into one Master account into which you pay your monthly rent for all accounts.
Is this is prepaid service?
Yes. You can pay monthly in advance of the month. I.e. by the end of the month you should have paid for the next month. For the Warm Jack you must pay for 1, 3 or 5 years in advance.
How do I pay?
You can pay by credit or debit card or netbanking in your online console.
Do we need to pay GST?
What is the 100% Money Back Guarantee
The first calender month rental is covered under a 100% Money Back Guarantee, wherein you can ask for a complete refund of the monthly rental for the plan. Virtual CallerId rent and setup fee is not covered under this guarantee.

Important terms of service

Terms listed underneath are not exhaustive and are in addition to regular terms of service, laws in India as well as the country you call.
Is this service for personal or commercial use?
This service is designed for commercial use, except the Warm Jack, which is designed for home & light commercial use.
Are there any restrictions on the type of commercial use?
You can use this service for transactions, providing service or for marketing purposes.
What terms must I remember specifically for this service?
  1. Respect commercial calling laws in both India and the country you call. Some countries have strict rules on timing and which days you can call for commercial purposes. They also maintain DNC lists. You must understand and follow those laws.
  2. Set valid callerID. The rules based CallerID system gives you great power, please use it wisely. Our ability to set callerID varies by country/region/backend operator, hence this feature is provided on a best effort basis only.
  3. Use for bulk missed calls is prohibited. This includes disconnecting a ringing call in such a manner that the called party has an unreasonably short time to answer the phone.
  4. ASR: average success rate: This is the percentage of calls that result in an answer. This should be more than 50%.
  5. UK mobile, if included in your plan, includes unlimited calling to only the main regulated mobile operators in UK. It does not include calling Isle of Mann, Jersey and many others covered in the 44 dialing code system.
What terms must I remember specifically for Warm Jack?
The Warm Jack is designed for home and light commercial use. It cannot be used by call shops/centres/cafes/PCOs. We in our sole discretion will decide if your usage pattern fits the allowed use case. If it does not, we will block your service and invite you to migrate to other plans that better suit your usage pattern.

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