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WarmConnect Stir-Shaken Solutions


  • FCC has recently mandated Stir/Shaken Regulations
  • Connectivity for contact Centers has dropped
  • Our customised solutions will make you compliant, improve connectivity and reduce liability.

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Better Connectivity for your Contact Center

Recent FCC regulations on Stir/Shaken are designed to control spoofing of callerID and illegal robocalling. However in many cases even legal traffic is being blocked leading to poor connectivity. Our Stir/Shaken solutions help you become compliant and build trust in your traffic.

What is Stir/Shaken

Setting callerID on your outbound calls is a vital feature of any phone service. Most call centers use multiple callerIDs at once, one or more per campaign. However some callers misuse this feature to set a number as callerId that does not belong to them or that they are not authorised to use. This is called spoofing. Stir/Shaken is a set of telecom industry standards designed to reduce ability to spoof CallerID.
The FCC in USA has recently published regulations mandating the use of Stir/Shaken standards by telecom operators. Along with this, they have mandated the algorithmic blocking of illegal robocalls and made telecom operators liable for robocalls that transit their networks.

The Stir/Shaken problem

Unfortunately the algorithms used by various carriers are not perfect. Even legal traffic is being blocked as robocalling. Connect ratios have dropped across the industry leading to wasted leads and drop in outbound campaign performance.

Stir/Shaken Solutions

We can help. WarmConnect brings you the industry’s first comprehensive set of Stir/Shaken solutions. Customers find that our Industry specific customised Stir/Shaken technologies triple connect ratios. Build trust in your traffic, become compliant and reduce liability. Contact us now via the on-page chat widget and ask for a call back from a solutions expert. Or take a free trial/demo

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