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WarmConnect Interactive Voice Response - IVR


  • Menu timeout and repeat, time restrictions, realtime tracking, virtually infinite chaining and much more!
  • Assisted recording of messages.
  • Many routing options including custom scripting

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Intelligent Self Service and Routing

WarmConnect's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows callers to interact with your phone system using their phone keypad. Complete programmability and access to scripts ensures that your IVR can act as an Automated Attendant and respond dynamically to the most demanding requirements.

The most extensive feature set

  • Record voice prompts using own voice, text to speech, a voice artist, or upload a prerecorded file.
  • Menu timeout
  • Menu repeat
  • Restrict individual menus based on time, including state and national holidays.
  • Realtime tracking of calls in the IVR.
  • Logging of key press.
  • Virtually infinite chaining of IVR menus.
  • Filter calls based on uploaded lists, system DNC or by querying an external system.
  • Send filtered calls to another action.
  • Create leads in internal CRM based on CallerID or by a number input by the caller.

Many routing options

Based on the key pressed, there are many routing options available:
  • CALLMENU: Send to another IVR menu.
  • INGROUP: Send to an ingroup or queue.
  • DID: Forward as an incoming number.
  • HANGUP: Play a message and then hangup the call.
  • EXTENSION: Send call to an extension or an external phone.
  • PHONE: Send call to a phone.
  • VOICEMAIL: Send call to a voicemailbox after playing an unavailable message.
  • VMAIL_NO_INST: Send call to a voicemailbox but do not play instructions after the message.
  • AGI SCRIPT: A custom script can be written by us that allows the IVR to execute custom commands.