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EasyStart Plan


  • Phone service for Indians anywhere in the world
  • Uses the Internet, can be given anywhere
  • Phone device provided, no computer needed
  • Call friends and family in US/UK at Rs1/min
  • Can be used for phone, fax or EPABX
  • 3 month money-back period
  • As clear as a land-line, or your money back
  • Optional incoming number to receive calls
  • USA/UK toll-free numbers (1800) available too
  • Earn money on referrals

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"Worldwide calling from Rs 1.40/minute"

Our EasyStart Plan features our lowest initial cost with no rent. Its rates start at Rs1.40/minute, with Rs1/minute possible to friends and family using our calling service.
What you get:
  • Rates from Rs1.40/minute (approx US$0.03).
  • Calls to friends and family using our calling service possible at Rs1/minute.
  • No rent.
  • Free instrument provided to use the service, no computer needed.
  • Calling between users of our service anywhere in the world at Rs1/minute
  • Optional incoming number from 37 countries to receive calls. Toll-free numbers available from US/UK.
  • Software phone also available to use the service from a computer.
  • Free on-line console and optional monthly billing.
  • Easy-to-start, no risk package. 3 month evaluation period with buyback available.
  • On-line sign-up and payments using credit card in 5 currencies.
  • Auto-debit option for your credit card for super convenient payments.
  • CallerID, automated utility service, online console, helpdesk and more.
What you pay:
  • Charges vary by destination as per tariff sheet, starting Rs1.40/minute.
  • Special codes (e.g. mobile phones) are often charged higher, see tariff sheet carefully.
  • Registration is charged at Rs989 one-time, devices and shipping included.
  • This registration charge is not refundable.
  • There is no rental charge or minimum billing
  • This is a prepaid service with an initial pre-paid credit of Rs2,000.
  • Balance in your prepaid account is refundable till 3 months after payment, but usable for 1 year. Charges towards calls made are not refundable.
  • Billing pulses are at 60 sec intervals.
  • Service tax at applicable rates is extra for users in India.
  • You need an Internet connection to use the service
  • Choose if your billing is likely to be below Rs500 per month, else see Premier Plan
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  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Rates in INR.
Code CountryRate
852Hong Kong1.4000
44United Kingdom1.4000