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35 Free Destinations Plan

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2+ lines:
  • Centralised billing
4+ lines:
  • No visit charges
8+ lines:
  • IVR and call queues
  • Free incoming number
24+ lines:
  • Free IP centrex


  • Call 35 destinations for just Rs500/month
  • Receive return calls after you have called someone
  • Phone device provided, no computer needed
  • Plug and play installation procedure
  • Optional priority call barge feature
  • 3 month money-back period
  • As clear as a land-line, or your money back
  • Optional incoming number to receive calls
  • Toll-free numbers (1800) available too

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"Talk unlimited to 35 destinations"

This plan buys you unlimited calling to most major destinations across the globe for just Rs500/month!
What you get:
  • Unlimited calling to 35 destinations across the globe
  • Call other destinations worldwide as per tariff sheet
  • Calls to all destinations are as clear as a land-line
  • Ability to receive return calls after you have called someone
  • Free instrument provided to use the service, no computer needed
  • Optional priority call barge feature
  • Optional incoming numbers from 50+ countries to receive calls
  • Software phone available to use the service from a computer
  • Plug and play installation procedure with telephonic support
  • Optional on site support
  • Real Time on-line console.
  • Easy-to-start, no risk package with 3 month buyback period.
  • CallerID, automated utility service, online console, helpdesk and more.
What you pay:
  • Rent for service is payable for 1 year in advance, except for 1st payment, when you pay for just 3 months
  • 1 year tenure rent is Rs500/month = Rs6000/year in advance, payable from 2nd payment onwards
  • 1st payment rent payable for 3 months to test service = Rs1500/3 months
  • Destinations not covered under free calling are as per tariff sheet
  • Billing pulses for non free destinations are at 60 sec intervals
  • Calling non free destinations uses up your advance, shortening tenure
  • You can renew the plan at prevailing rates when advance is exhausted
  • Special codes (e.g. mobile phones) are often charged higher, see tariff sheet
  • Return call charges are Rs1.89/minute billed to you
  • Priority calls are charged at the next higher slab.
  • Priority call example: if normal call costs Rs4.89, priority call costs Rs6.89
  • Free monthly statement will be sent by email
  • Optional paper statements are charged Rs49/statement
  • If our service staff need to visit your premises, Rs300 visit charges will apply
  • Registration is charged at Rs2,250 one-time, devices and shipping included
  • Registration charge is refundable in the first 3 months on disconnection
  • Balance advance rent refundable till 3 months after payment
  • Charges towards calls made are not refundable
  • You need an Internet connection to use the service
  • GST at applicable rates is extra for users in India.
Service Restrictions
  • This tariff cannot be used by call shops/centres/cafes/PCOs
  • This tariff can only be used on hardware/software provided by us
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  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Rates in INR.
Code CountryRate
1782, 1600, 1825, 1403, 1587, 1780, 1778, 1604, 1250, 1236, 1431, 1204, 1506, 1709, 1902, 1519, 1226, 1249, 1289, 1343, 1365, 1416, 1437, 1548, 1613, 1647, 1705, 1905, 1807, 1514, 1450, 1438, 1418, 1581, 1873, 1579, 1819, 1639, 1306Canada0.0000
420Czech Republic0.0000
888Disaster Relief0.0000
Code CountryRate
82Korea South0.0000
64New Zealand0.0000
1787, 1939Puerto Rico0.0000
Code CountryRate
1, 1808, 1674USA0.0000
44, 44808, 44800United Kingdom0.0000