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Auto Stop Dialer on Inactivity

You need to turn on the dialer to make calls. Usually you don’t forget to turn it off, but sometimes you accidentally keep it on which costs you for the server rent.
So to save your pocket we came up with a new feature “Auto Stop Dialer on Inactivity”. It auto stops the dialer if there are no calls, no agent activity on the dialer.
You will get this feature in “Auto Start Stop” menu:-

Auto Stop on Inactivity

Usage –

You can set the time in minutes (between 30-90 mins) for your server. If server is inactive for the set time, it would be turned off. “Custom” option helps you to set the customized inactivity time. “Disable” removes the inactivity entry. Following image shows inactivity entry for 60 mins:-

Set Inactivity Time

P.S. – Don’t worry, this feature won’t stop your dialer for initial 2 hours, so you can perform administrative tasks.

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Server Report

Sometimes you want to track server start or stop, viz. start/stop time, ip and whether it was started / stopped automatically or manually. For this, so far you have had to ask our tech-desk or email us, which is quite inconvenient.

Now, with the help of a new feature “Server Report” you can get start/stop time of your server along with request IP. In Preferences/Reports tab, select the period and click on “View Server Report” as follows:-

View Server Report

Server auto start and auto stop would be logged as auto_start and auto_stop respectively.