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Unverified Caller IDs and USA DIDs (STIR/SHAKEN compatible)

Due to changes in STIR/SHAKEN rules all caller IDs need to be verified. Your caller IDs can be verified in one of the following ways:

  • Provide us a bill showing ownership of the number you use as caller ID.
  • Provide us a document showing a business relationship between you and the owner of the number.
  • Log into your console and chat with our helpdesk to verify the number.
  • Caller ID numbers provided by us do not need verification.

Please note failure to verify your caller IDs may cause auto-subscription to one of the below CallerID options for your protection. Please also note that callerIDs must answer return calls from those dialled.

Our inbound numbers (DIDs) for USA are of 4 types as below. Our helpdesk will help you decide which ones you need. DIDs cannot be converted from one type to another. DIDs are STIR-SHAKEN compatible.

  • Inbound Only: For high volume inbound campaigns. Can be used by Corporates and Call Centers. Cannot be used to set CallerID on outbound dialing. Almost every area code available.
  • CallerIDs: Inbound numbers for personal and corporate use. Can be used as CallerID on outbound calling. Cannot be used by Call Centers. Most area codes available.
  • CallerIDs for Call Centers: Can be used by Call Centers as CallerID on high volume outbound campaigns. Incoming calls charged at toll free rates. Not recommended for Inbound campaigns. Limited choice of area codes.
  • Discount CallerIDs for Call Centers: Sold in bulk packs of 10, 50, 100 & 200. Can be used by Call Centers as CallerID on high volume outbound campaigns. Incoming calls charged at toll free rates. Not recommended for Inbound campaigns. Cannot choose area code, can choose state. Discounts on setup and rent as follows: 10 for the price of 4, 50 for the price of 8, 100 for the price of 10 & 200 for the price of 16 DIDs. These rates are for packs taken at one time. E.g. If you subscribe to a pack of 100 CallerIDs in one month, and another pack of 100 in the next, you will be charged rent for 100 x 2 every month going forward, not for 200 x 1.
Type:Inbound OnlyCallerIDsCallerIDs for
Call Centers
Bulk CallerIDs
for Call Centers
Can be used to set CallerID?YesYesYes
Can be used by Call Centers?YesYesYes
Incoming Charged as Toll Free?YesYes
Choice of Area Code?Almost allMostLimitedState

To order a DID please click on Order DID in your console or start a chat session from our website or dialer admin page, or call our helpdesk.

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Manage WebFolders recordings using WinScp

Your online Web Console lets you view recordings that are stored on your WebFolders. While the Console lets you download recordings one at a time, Webfolders also provides the WebDAV protocol for bulk file management and transfer. WebDAV protocol is a modern replacement for FTP protocol and is better suited to work with firewalls. It can be utilised with software such as WinSCP. Following steps will help you setup WinScp for common tasks such as downloading and deleting recordings in bulk.

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Our New Dialer’s WebPhone

So far our dialers require a sip phone / soft phone application installed on the agent’s desktop. This can slow down installation and is an administrative chore. Our new dialer has an optional zero-configuration WebPhone that avoids the need to install any soft phone. Thie WebPhone is embedded in the agent screen and the browser itself acts as a SIP phone using a new and upcoming technology called WebRTC (explained below).

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How to setup DNC with Expiry

DNC is a list of numbers which can be uploaded to the dialer so that agents cannot dial those numbers . In case if agents wants to dial those numbers after certain date you can add these numbers with the expiry period in days. The number will be available in the campaign after the expiry period to dial again.

DNC with expiry.
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