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Manage WebFolders recordings using WinScp

Your online Web Console lets you view recordings that are stored on your WebFolders. While the Console lets you download recordings one at a time, Webfolders also provides the WebDAV protocol for bulk file management and transfer. WebDAV protocol is a modern replacement for FTP protocol and is better suited to work with firewalls. It can be utilised with software such as WinSCP. Following steps will help you setup WinScp for common tasks such as downloading and deleting recordings in bulk.

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Our New Dialer’s WebPhone

So far our dialers require a sip phone / soft phone application installed on the agent’s desktop. This can slow down installation and is an administrative chore. Our new dialer has an optional zero-configuration WebPhone that avoids the need to install any soft phone. Thie WebPhone is embedded in the agent screen and the browser itself acts as a SIP phone using a new and upcoming technology called WebRTC (explained below).

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How to setup DNC with Expiry

DNC is a list of numbers which can be uploaded to the dialer so that agents cannot dial those numbers . In case if agents wants to dial those numbers after certain date you can add these numbers with the expiry period in days. The number will be available in the campaign after the expiry period to dial again.

DNC with expiry.
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How to download call records using Export Calls Report

Sometimes you may need to analyse calls made or create custom one-time reports that are not available from the Reports section. Export Calls Report lets you download raw call data to your Desktop for this.

Export call report

Download call details using Export Calls Report.

  • Goto the hostname e.g then click on Dialer Administration.
  • Click Reports.
  • Click on Export Calls Report.
  • Select Date Range, Campaigns, Inbound Groups, Lists, Statuses and User Groups and then click SUBMIT.
  • Save the file and Open to View the Report.

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Server Start/Stop Report

Sometimes you want to track server start or stop, viz. start/stop time, ip from where and whether it was started / stopped automatically or manually. For this, so far you have had to visit our tech-desk or email us, which is quite inconvenient.

Now, with the help of a new feature “Server Report” you can get start/stop time of your server along with its subscription ip. In Preferences/Reports tab, select the period and click on “View Server Report” as follows:-

Server auto start and auto stop would be logged as auto_start and auto_stop respectively.