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Our new Dialer!

After 18 months of development, we are excited to introduce our cheaper, easier & better Dialer. The main features are listed below.

  • Cheaper! Dialer cost is reduced from Rs2/agent per hour to Rs1/agent per hour. This has been made possible by many optimisations our team has made over the years, as also due to our new Nitro based cloud system.
  • Easier: Setting up a soft-phone for each agent can be chore for administrators. New Dialer has an optional zero-configuration browser based phone that removes need for a soft-phone.
  • Admin mode: Currently the dialer needs to be left running after the shift for administrative tasks such as downloading recordings, reports and quality control. New Dialer has the ability to be rebooted into a low cost Admin mode at Rs/1 per hour. This admin mode can also be used as a single agent outbound Dialer to make a few important calls after the shift and as an after hours telephone answering, IVR or voicemail system for incoming calls.
  • New version of Vicidial: New dialer is based on the latest version of Vicidial. Vicidial is being actively developed and the new version has a host of new features.

We will be sending you more information in the coming weeks on each of the points above. New Dialer is available immediately, but the new tariff comes into effect from October 1, 2019. An upgrade of your dialer is required to avail the tariff. To schedule an upgrade please send an email to our helpdesk from your registered email-ID, or start a chat session from our website or dialer admin page, or call our helpdesk. All new registrations are automatically on the new Dialer.

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