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Manage WebFolders recordings using WinScp

Your online Web Console lets you view recordings that are stored on your WebFolders. While the Console lets you download recordings one at a time, Webfolders also provides the WebDAV protocol for bulk file management and transfer. WebDAV protocol is a modern replacement for FTP protocol and is better suited to work with firewalls. It can be utilised with software such as WinSCP. Following steps will help you setup WinScp for common tasks such as downloading and deleting recordings in bulk.

  • Download and install WinScp on your PC.
  • Open the software and Click on New Connection and follow the below steps.
  • File Protocol:WebDAV
  • Hostname:files.yourdomain
  • Username: username@yourdomain
  • Password: Enter your console password

Then click on Advanced and follow the steps
Click on Directories
Remote Directory:/username
Local Directory: Choose the directory in which you wan to download recordings.
Click on OK Then click on Login it should connect to the webfolders and will show folders.

Please click on CALL_RECORDINGS or RECORDINGS folders and then copy/download the folders.
Once recordings are downloaded you can delete them from webfolders. You can also use the option download and delete.

If downloading recordings in bulk, you are advised to do it outside normal calling hours in order to avoid overloading your network.

WinSCP can also be automated to download files automatically.

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