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How to Transfer-Conference a call

Some processes may require you to transfer or conference a call after a verification process to a particular phone number. Steps below will help you transfer or conference that call from the agent screen.

Transfer-Conference a call

  • While on a live call click on Transfer-Conf.
  • Transfer-Conf box will appear.
  • Enter the number you wish to transfer in the box without the country code.
  • Click on any of the transfer methods to transfer the call.
  • Click on BLIND TRANSFER to directly transfer the call to the transfer number and leave from the current call.
  • Click on DIAL WITH CUSTOMER to transfer the call and speak to the customer when the call is connected.
  • Click on PARK CUSTOMER DIAL if you want to keep the customer on hold  before you transfer the call.
  • Click on LEAVE 3 WAY CALL once you want to leave the conference.
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