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Admin mode on our new Dialers.

We were getting various request for keeping the server ON during non dialing hours. Based on the request we now have Admin mode on our dialers. This is cost effective and yet gives you access to the dialer during non dialing hours.

To use it click on change Sever Capacity when the dialer is shut and choose Admin Mode / Single Agent from the drop down. Then start the server. You need to set the server capacity back to original before your shift starts again.

Below are the various use cases for Admin mode / Single Agent mode.

  • Can be used to download reports, recordings and quality control after shift.
  • Can be used to make a few outbound calls after hours. For this it allows you to log in a single agent.
  • This can be used for incoming purpose where one agent can login to take calls round the clock. It can also be used to play messages, record voicemail or play IVR for incoming calls.
  • This mode is also useful if you have real-time time leads being inserted via API on the dialer .
  • You can use this mode to download recordings to your on site FTP server after hours. Since FTP transfer is a high bandwidth task, this will utilise spare bandwidth during non dialing hours.

This mode is only available on our new Dialer version as of September 2019. You must upgrade to get this feature. To get more information please send us an email to our helpdesk from you registered email-id or start a chat session from our web site or your dialer admin page or call us.

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