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Add Customised Scripts to a Campaign

Scripts are messages that appear on agent’s screen when on a call, populated with lead data, such as name. This allows customized messages to be read out to the lead.

Add scripts to a campaign
  • Go to your host name for e.g. and click on Dialer Administration.
  • Now Click on Scripts and then Add A New script.
  • Enter Script ID and name and make the script active Y
  • The script is a combination of text and fields from your lists which can be inserted from the drop down menu. E.g last name.
  • Go to Campaigns and select the Campaign ID in which you need to add the script.
  • In Campaign > Detail View go to script and add script ID from the drop down menu and click SUBMIT.
  • Now when agents get a call they can view the script on clicking script tab on their login screen.
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